15th May 2019

Comparison of the Levendi Defined Return Fund against retail plans

A fund of structured products like ours offers investors an effective, efficient and easy way to get exposure to the returns that structured products can offer. Funds are more consistent with the modern approach to financial planning and investment advice. There is a long list of practical benefits;

  • Daily liquidity
  • Low fees and charges (see below)
  • Reduced issuer exposure
  • Reduce time and effort identifying the best product
  • Reduced advice risk
  • No need to report investment to PI
  • UCITS funds are outside FCA 10%/25% exposure guidance
  • Available on all wraps,
  • Eligible for ISA, Pension and Offshore Bonds
  • Can be used in advised and managed portfolios
  • Consistent returns across all investors
  • Gains subject to capital gains tax
  • Immediate investment, no need to wait for the end of the offer period.
  • Offer diversified exposure to structured products and so mitigate the risks associated with holding individual products.



Perhaps the main benefit of funds is that the realised return of funds like ours demonstrate the long term returns that structured products offer. Individual structured products have delivered good returns in the past, but this has been difficult for investors to see. The attractive risk/reward that this asset class offers is now much more visible.


Source; Levendi Investment Management

Data to 15th May 2019 Levendi UK Autocall Index Peer Group
Since Inception 6.13% 2.31% 3.31%
Rolling Month 0.00% -1.54% -0.74%
Rolling Year 2.57% -0.26% 1.45%
YTD 6.01% 9.82% 6.20%
Volatility 5.32% 7.86% 4.01%


In the chart above we compare our returns with two benchmark assets

  • The UK Autocall Index is an index that reflects the day-to-day returns of retail Autocall products linked to the FTSE 100 Index. The index only includes mainstream products with normal terms.
  • The Peer Group is an index of other funds that invest in structured products

The chart shows how the Levendi Fund has offered a better return than the UK Autocall Index and the Peer Group of other funds. Our focus on capital preservation and defensive strategies has generated steady and smooth returns.



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