24th April 2019

Seven reasons to consider the Levendi Thornbridge Defined Return Fund

If you are concerned about future returns from equities and bonds, then a fund like the Levendi Defined Return may be an attractive defensive equity-linked asset for client portfolios. You may also use the fund as part of an allocation to Absolute Return.

Here are 7 reasons to consider our fund;

  1. Defensive equity exposure; the fund has a high level of correlation with equity markets (about 0.8) but low exposure. If markets change by 1% the value of the fund will change by about 0.3% making it an attractive defensive asset for client portfolios.
  2. Positive returns that don’t rely on rising markets – The performance of the Fund since inception has been positive whilst the total return of both the benchmark FTSE and Eurostoxx have been significantly negative.
  3. Proven long term returns – the fund follows a long dated / low strike covered put strategy. The performance of CBOE PUT shows how covered puts have offered attractive risk/returns over the long term.
  4. Lower volatility than direct equity investment, the realised volatility of the fund is now around 5%. This is the level of volatility we expect.
  5. Our Volatility control mechanism allows the fund to remain fully invested while limiting volatility
  6. Simple, low turnover, low cost strategy. We look to implement the strategy as effectively and efficiently as possible, avoiding complexity and reducing cost wherever possible
  7. Returns are based on persistent structural, behavioral and economic factors that inflate the costs of equity insurance .



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